Wish I could hear them all. I’ve heard the Infinity IRS Vs and they blew my socks off. I’ll never forget the first track I heard on them. It was a solo violin and it sounded like the violinist was in the room with us and about 7 feet behind the speakers. It was eerie in a really good way. 
Great list!  Hopefully I can hear those Infinity’s some day...
It really is a great list, a list of influential speakers and truly innovative ones (which is why they were influential). I might add the servo stain 1, but one can't have two infinities not he same list I guess.

I owned the 57s, heard the IRS 3s many times (with my own amps, but not in my house), heard the ARs and advents, and we've all indirectly hard the LS3/5as since they likely near field influenced tons of our music at the BBC and beyond.

The 57s and IRS IIIs may be polar opposites; viva la difference!