Infinity RS 2.5

I have seen nice pair of this speakers in a shop. I like his vintage look but I cannot hear them. I want to know what kind of sound can produce this speakers. I own also a pair of Duntech Sovereign, a pair of KEF 107 Reference and a pair of Celestion Ditton '88. Someone can give me an idea about the correct price for a pair of this speakers?

given the outstanding speakers you now have, i'd say you know what you're doing....condition, condition, condition....300 to 600 bucks is my guess.
I only like his vintage look and technology, obviously not for my first audio setup.... but may be the sound of this speakers can give me a good surprise or not?
i think you'll like them
I've a pair and am very impressed. The ribbon tweeters and mid-ranges sound sweeter than my Thiel 3.6s. The bass is strong and controlled but the weak point, such as it is, is with the integration of the ribbons and the woofer. It works OK but one can hear the transition.

I did put on spikes on the base - I've a concrete floor - and internally braced the woofer box and added Dynamat to the interior walls. These minor mods made a noticable difference in tightening the bass.

I've tried to bi-amp them. Direct wiring helped but adding a Rane electronic turnover added too much "op-amp" sound so back to single wiring.
These are exceedingly rare and you're very lucky to have them. In good cosmetic and working condition they're easily worth to the collector in the range of $3ooo to $4000.
In the last response I was referring to the Celestion Ditton 88's (seems I can't edit my post)