Infinity "Sigma" Speaker

Has anyone owned or recently heard the Infinity Sigma speaker?? Recently, there seems to be several used postings for it and other "classic" Infinity speakers on the audio webs. I have never heard them,but have seen several pix of them, and they are beautifully constructed. Is this still a viable speaker compared to some other newer hi-end speakers?? (I want to avoid boomy bass and am seeking for holograpic soundstaging) And...can you still get service parts for them?? All opinions appreciated!! Thank you, Jimbo
My brother has a pair. They are terrific, but you should have a large room and a lot of power behind them. They were not known because Infinity essentially abandoned the high-end market in the US and concentrated its sales efforts in Europe. Highly recommended.
There was a thread on these speakers - search the thread line under speakers and punch in Infinity Sigmas.
Personally I would suggest to choice either the Omega's or the Epsilons. Sound stage is good but but in the low region the are not as good as the other IRS systems.

As said before, they need space and power
I own a pair of Infinity Sigma.
They are outstanding. I had several opportunities to listen high end speakers in international HiFi exhibitions and the Sigma are certainly among the top.
However like any high end speaker they need excellent material to drive them. Multi amplification with high speed amplifiers, excellent and digital pre-amplifier, top of the line cabling and connections and excellent reproducers like CD and DVD players.
The sound of the Sigma is very realistic, almost absent distortion, deep and very clean bass.
My speakers are driven by 2 double amplifiers of 250 Watt per channel for mid and tweeters and 315 watt per channel for the woofers.
The sound is so clear and sharp that you don't have the feeling you are at almost max power until you try to speak and you cannot listen to your own voice.
The only disadvantage, if we say it is a disadvantage, the quality of sound given by the Sigma is such that if a CD is not well recorded, all defects are clarly evident. Like microphone badly placed among an orchestra, bad mixing/level of instruments, singer with bad quality microphone. Fortunately these defects are more present in older CD's where recording and mixing was analogue.