Infinity Epsilon

I have been offered these speakers as a trade in and since I only know litle about them I hope to get a better picture by asking in this media. Obviously they are top-of-the-line speakers, but are they a sonic succes as well? Also what would you give for such speakers in a 9/10 AGS condition? Thanks in advance!!!
I suggest you keep whatever you're trading. The Epsilons afre like 50 Bose systems strapped together. Then again, they may not be quite that good.

Best, Freddy
I heard it through the grapevine that Infinity is discontinuing the EMIT and EMIM tweeters. This means that it will be difficult to get replacement drivers in case you need a new one. Hope this helps in your decision...
Describing Epsilon as a '50 Bose systems strapped together' is a grossly irresponsible and untrue statement. I hate to see people commenting something which they do not have any knowledge or experience which is both misleading and a waste of time for everyone.

Epsilon is the last project undertaken by Gary Christie beofre he left Infinity for good. This speaker has been rated by Stereophile as a Class A speaker. It uses EMIT technology for frequencies above 150 Hz. The woofer is controlled by a servo machine and hence this pair of speakers must be driven bi-amp.

Infinity is still supporting the EMIT drivers. Just visit their webpage and call them up by phone they will give you a quote.

Epsilon is still selling in Japan by DENON. Visit DENON webpage and you found the information.

Hearing rumour is one thing, spreading the rumour without evidence is unfair. Infinity is still coming out with new speaker models using their EMIT tweeters.

The speaker is transparent. It has a breakthrough in terms of hybird speakers in that the woofers work harmoniously with the tweeters.