Inexpensive $200/pair Active Monitors

I am looking for inexpensive, less than $200 a pair, active monitors for my PC to listen to music in my office. These are not for critical listening but should sound good. I prefer to stay away from 3-piece combos as I find the bass to be one note boomy in this price range.

Through numerous searches I have found references to Audioengine a2, Swan M200 MKII, Alesis M1Active 520, M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 and iKey Audio M505 in this price range.

Any recommedations from this list or any others worth a listen?

I tried the AE 2 and it is excellent BUT I did not like the volume pot on the back. I feel the need to have control of the volume from the front. So, I will suggest the Studiodock (model 3) by Samson. Neat, petite w/built-in DAC! Not bad, really. Priced at just north of $100.
I picked up a pair of Audioengine A2's a few months ago. No complaints. Far more musical than what I was expecting. Volume pot on the back is a bit annoying, but only a minor inconvenience relative to their great value.

For around $100 or so, I bought an Altec Lansing 2.1 setup a few years ago for one of my PCs. I'd venture the current line up is better perhaps, but I'm more than happy with it. Given the pc's controls, it's own bass and treble and vol knobs being right up front, and with a mini headphone jack, they fit the bill indeed.

Klipsch too was a consideration.

All the threads I've read here and elsewhere on active speakers, especially for use with pc based (office, bedroom) systems have indicated to me a fairly substatial investment is required to out run these desktop systems.

I've thought about it/them though... but figured to put my $$$ to better use elsewhere. Good active speakers for $200 it seems is asking a bit much.

I now recall a DAC oriented set of speakers that went off for $250 which were getting a lot of press not long ago... sorry, but I don't recall the maker, but it's resonably prominent. I think they went up to $299 after the introdution period.

Good luck
I'm using Sierra Sound inStudio 5 active monitors and have been very pleased. I was able to pick them up online through Costco for around $200.
Some other speakers to consider here - making things a little more difficult...

I currently have an ACS340 Altec Lansing 2.1 system that sounds decent but it does suffer from one-note bass boom. I am looking to improve the sound over what I have. I may eventually add a small matching subwoofer under my desk but really want a pair of good sounding powered monitors.

Behringer MS40's have a built-in 192kHz/24-bit DAC for right around $130.

I guess I'll have to get out and find some of these speakers in local stores to hear how they sound.