i own a pair of avalon eclipse the more upgrades of equipment the less satisfied i became with the upper treble after some research i found that the eidelons use accuton ceramic mid and tweeter so i took the 440 $ plunge i bought the c223 the sound quality is incredible smooth accurate detailed awesome soundstage im waiting for a full break in i am now considering the 7 in. ceramic woofer take a chance the 500 i spent was almost like spending 5000 or more my friend has symphonic hearing after listening for 5 minuites out of the box no break in he now wants a pair to mod his vandersteen 2c sigs im also considering a crossover mod happy listening
Skip -- where are you getting these speaker drivers?? I am not familiar with the brands that you mention..
I also have a pair of eclipse's and would be very interested in talking to you about this, if you could email me Thank you, Tim
zalytron sells the drivers the c223 is an upgrade from the c212 that are in the eidelons these are also carefully matched at the factory so the box says