In wall speaker help!

Hi all. So I am about to embark on a room renovation that will include in wall cabling that will connect stereo equipment on on end of the room to speakers on the other end.  Cabling will run approx 50 ft, up one wall, accross the ceiling and down the other wall with approx 5 ft extra on each end.  Equipment is coming together, but hoping for Devore o96 powered by a mc ma352.  Also putting a Jl f113 sub into one corner.  

so what I think I need is in wall code grade (sorry if I have the terms wrong), 12 awg cabling for the passive speakers, and in wall rated rca cable for the sub (I think I need left and right rcas). Based on other posts I have read, blue Jean or mono price might be a place to look? Transparent also has come up in discussions.  

where would you all start the thought process.  It’s a dream system for me, but not as high end as a lot of systems here.  I’m not sure I have the ear for minute differences but want to put as good as I can afford into the system. 

thanks for help here and all the help in the past. 


I prefer to install electrical PVC in situations like yours... so you can pull new (different) cables in the future. Electrical because of the 90 fittings allow pulling of cables..