In Wall Speaker cables, NEED HELP

I just rewired my HT rear sparkers with a proper in wall speaker cables that run through the wall down the house and up the back side. The speaker wire is from Monoprice. Each ends is connected to wall plates, also from Monoprice. My question is, will I get a better sounds or signals if I use a higher grade speaker cable to connect the rear speakers to the wall plant. Both the Center and FR, FL speakers are on Kimber 8TC. Thank you for reading.

Stick to the same rear speaker cables you already have
into the walls. (I am also assuming that it is a fire-rated cable in the walls or you may have insurance problems.. set that aside)

The rears are just a manufactured and artificial fill-in sound product anyway and it's not the same as the sensitivities and resolution required for a 2 channel L - R pure sudio configuration, or L-C-R in your HT kit.
thank you, that's what i need to know. i almost pull a trigger on more expensive Kimber cables.
Kimber makes a in-wall cable called Kimber Kwik in 12 and 16 gauge.