Improvised equipment stand

I had this rather attractive but large rack for my equipment. I don't believe you can improve the sound of your system with some miraculous rack as some do, but I convinced myself that the rack along the front wall, about three feet behind the speakers, was causing some sort of acoustic interference. In a large pet shop, I spotted some rather attractive, flat black, all steel, industrial looking aquarium stands. Depending on size the price ranged from $60. to $100. CDN. They are obviously very sturdy due to the weight of aquariums. I chose a thirty inch wide model, thirty inches high and thirteen inches deep for $95.00. It fits perfectly in my room and is much less obtrusive than the rack it replaced. To cut down on possible resonance, I probably will buy some aerosol expanding foam insulation and will fill the large circular tubes with it, just to be on the safe side. For the top, I think I will try to locate a cement paver of the right size. My turntable goes on top, with the equipment fitting perfectly between the upright tubes. I have an extra set of speaker spikes, which I may install on the bottom of the stand. Looks good, is sturdy and, wait, wait, I think my speakers image better ...
You owe it to yourself to read old posts from an A'gon member called 'Caterham1700'. Read his posts from the following thread. He gives a decent DIY recipe than betters the "Flexy" design for minimal cost.

And YES, a good rack should improve the sonics of your system. It's no different than any other tweak. The whole idea of high end audio is MASSIVE engineering overkill. It sometimes blows the whole sound/$$$ ratio out of the water, but who cares.

(FWIW, I have a DIY 'Flexy' type stand. Most people look at the $500 the Flexy/Salamander/BillBags -type racks, and go.. "pbpbbbbbbbbtt!! I could get some 3/4" MDF, 3/4" threaded steel rods/bolts/washers and make my own for $80." LOL. I dunno, it keeps my stuff off of the floor, at least! I'd like to try Caterham1700's DIY recipe, and see for myself. It's gotta be better than my 'Flexy' clone...)

A good rack setup has given me better performance than a new, highly praised piece of gear. I truly believe you don't know what your gear is capable of until it is sitting on a good rack setup done properly, or properly done Neuance? Hint, hint, hint.