Impressions of the Anthem AVP 20

I am somewhat disgruntled about Meridian's upgrade path and lack of analogue bypasses, so considering less expensive alternatives like the Anthem processor. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced the Anthem. Thank you.
This is a suber unit. I had the good fortune of hearing it in Anthems factory during the development stages.It allways struck me as a superior piece of equipment.Trust me the build quality and part quality is as good or better than the overpriced over hyped gear from Meridian.
I heard the Meridian gear at a local dealer and at a local show. I dont get what the hype is.Good stuff but at its price point it should be way better.
Go for the Anthem its a fine piece of gear.
I think that the Anthem is a very nice piece for the money. However, i do not think that any of the preamp / processors that i've heard can compete with a good preamp when it comes down to music reproduction. Sean
No one would buy the Anthem if music was the sole intent.
It is a HT Pre AMP. Not intended for music only.
So what is your point SEAN>
As a former AVM2 owner/ Now a Meridian 565 owner I can tell you my older but upgraded to 7.1, Meridian KILLS the AVM2. Dynamics and clarity are the biggest areas,where it does this.

It depends on your priorities.--Meridian, No 6 ch input, no video switching,no 2 zone stuff. BUT--- if 2ch/5.1 "sound" are highest on your list---don't listen to a Meridian basher. Talk to someone whom has had one set up right; in there home.

OK, no AVM20 input,sorry. Here's how it goes. Anthem is priced much lower than say Mer.568. Practically all the quality / cost is in the sound. Anthem gives you all the bells/options. So, with what you pay for Anthem,you get a lot. Don't think for a minute the sound quality is equal to Meridian.AND, like all processors,the amps and speakers they are used with; matter.
Natalie, sorry for not responding sooner. I did not see your response until just now. As such, here is my reply.

As i stated, i have not run across a preamp / processor that sounds as good on music as a good 2 channel preamp does. While i have not heard "every" preamp / processor out there, i have heard quite a few. This includes at least one specific model that retails for more than $10K and a few others that come pretty close to that when fully loaded. As such, buying a combo preamp / processor of any type is strictly a matter of convenience and compromise if music reproduction is important to you.

Having said that, i think that the Anthem AVM-20 is reasonably priced for the amount of features and versatility that it does offer. Compared to other preamp / processors slightly above and below its' price point, i think that it can hold its' own.

I hope that this clarifies things and answers your question. Sean