IMF turntable 300 series

Hello, I just purchased a IMF turntable! It's a great looking machine and appears to be mechaniclly sound? There just isn't any information available about them? I now realize there is a huge volume of knowledge here on the Audio Gon threads so I though I would ask. Does anyone know where I can find more info on this tt? Does anybody out their own one? Do you have any pictures as their appears to be a few things missing on mine? Also I would like to track down an original IMF control module! As mine was purchased without one? I would greatly apppreciate any help anyone can give me! Thanks Daren
I hope you got a response from someone, this turntable you are talking about is very hard to find any parts for, I had a chance on buying one before but it was missing the tonearm, and the IMF Modulator for the speeds, that rectangular block, the same one your missing on yours, so I decided not to buy it. Good luck on yours.