If you had a limo...

As a former limousine driver I have a question to the audiofiles and audio enthusiasts.

What stereo or multichannel system would you install into the limousine passenger area(assuming that you're the passenger of your own limo) to enjoy it on your trips if you had a limo?
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I would install a Linn multichannel systemm, as used in the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

I dont know if they are still made but Mcintosh (Clarion)made the coolest looking power amps with the blue mac style Meters.
I owned a factory formal Cadillac for seven years and was happy with the factory radio.

Bill E.
I am in the same boat as Lakefrontroad, the stereo in my 92 Jaguar 4-door sedan, was the best I have ever heard in any auto. 140 mph on I-5, the sun going down over the Coast Range, and Beethoven on the stereo, ah, the good old days!