IC's that is warm and enchance the bass


I currently have t-amp+k1000 ear monitor which is bright and bass light,i just wonder which interconnect is warm(to tame the brightness) and could enchance the bass(both quantity and quality)?please recommend me something.thanx


it has to be terminated with mini plug though :(
This is a question you should post on Head-Fi.
The K-1000 are very poor in bass reproduction, so don't expect miracles in that regard. They have a wonderful sound otherwise.
If you have the el-cheapo T-amp with the wall-wart "supply" then you cannot expect to have a big bass, given the supply limitations. Switch to a hefty regulated supply or battery.
It's very hard to tell which amp would fix your bass problems. My friend tried several headphone amps, from cheap to mid-price ($1200 or so) and none was great with his K-1000. He then tried a vintage Marantz 2230 receiver - and it did the magic...
I suggest you fix these fundamental issues before trying different cables as tone controls.