IC for Herron Audio 1MC Plus phono stage

Hi, I have a thread on Acoustic Zen Silver Ref II vs Sterovox SEI-600II further down. But, to sort out this questions I start a new one.
I have a CARY PH-302 phono stage, which is the best I have ever had. Very musical! But, with low gain (54 dB) and a "moderate" S/N-ratio, I have a problem with noise on my Avantgarde Duo horns. Therefore, I have bought a Herron Audio 1MC phono stage which I think will be better in this respect, and hopefully play at least as well as the CARY. The Unit shall be sent to the manufacturer for upgrading (to "Plus"), so I won't have it at home before end of January.
But, I think the Herron is not as warm sounding as the CARY. I'm planning to buy an Acoustic Zen Silver Ref II (RCA) for the phono stage, the same as I now have from DAC to pre. The latter is an XLR-version, so I cannot swap for testing.
Question: Will the AZ Silver Ref II be a good match for the Herron?

Best regards