I'm lost...Recommendation for an amp/receiver?

Hello, I am new to this forum/website. I have an adequate stereo system but I recently bought a sony blu-ray player which has an HDMI output. My receiver is old and does not have an HDMI input, so I need to buy a new receiver. I am totally lost as to what receiver/amp I should buy. I currently have B and W 602 speakers. Any recommendations for a good amp to match my speakers in the $300 to $600 range (either new or used) would be deeply appreciated. I am also open to purchasing an entirely new system (i.e., with new speakers). Thanks so much, Dorian
The Crutchfield website will give you a pretty good idea of the new A/V receivers that are available in your price range. For used, obviously you can check out the classifieds here on Audiogon, but the offerings are likely to be few.
Denon is a good choice and has HDMI and the Audyssey system for room set up.
Used used used...but buy local so you can check out the equipment.

there is no reason to buy a receiver with an hdmi connection unless you have a tv with hdmi, just going from a blu ray to a receiver via hdmi to a tv with only rca cables will not yield any benefits.

the b&w speakers you have are really good speakers.... unless you want to go to floor standing speakers or you find a great deal on some used higher end speakers...

i like some of the older pioneer elite bigger receivers... good amp at a great price... in my second room i have my older elite 92txh... it great and had room correction.

First, find a modern HDMI equipped receiver (AVR) that will adequately power your B&W's. Modern receivers are like Swiss Army knives and try to be all things to all people and as a result, there are trade offs - especially in the amp sections and power suppples.

You have a nice pair of speakers. I also assume your old receiver is a 2 channel stereo model. So what was the power output of that receiver and were you satisfied by its ability to drive your 602's? Then find an AVR that will spec out the same with 2 CHANNELS DRIVEN ACROSS THE ENTIRE FREQUENCY RANGE, 20 Hz -20 Khz. Your old receiver was probably rated this way but specs on new AVR's can be misleading.

Finally, while B&W's are nominal 8 Ohms, they do have impendence swings below 4 Ohm which is why B&W's often sound better using higher powered amplification. I would look at AVR's rated into 4 Ohms. The new Pioneer SC models are and their new Class D3 amps have been critically reviewed and well received. The Pioneer SC1222 & SC1522 can be purchased at your budget with some smart shopping. Google these models to learn more.

Finally whatever AVR you buy, make sure it has a full set of PRE-OUTS. Many don't. This will allow you to add external power amps down the road if you ever feel the internal ones on the AVR are no longer cutting it. Hope this helps.
Thanks all. I think I'll check out Crutchfield and get one of their Denon's. Dorian