I got a lesson in room & speaker placement

So the Mrs. is out of town for three weeks & it's time to play with the tune setup. I have my system downstairs in an xtra bedroom. I thougt I would take advantage of the big room upstairs & move the setup. I bit of heavy schleping and sweat, I had 'er all setup. Let it warm up while I did some things. Poured a glass of brain lube and decided "Boy, the tunes are going to happen now!"
(Equipment; Krell FPB300x, KCT & Infinity Rennasaince 90 speakers.)
I had the speakers on the short wall spaced perfectly. I was so shocked at how bad it sounded. Blew me away & not in a good way. I listened for hours and it almost brought me to tears.
Next Day: Moved the speakers along the long wall. VIOLA! Unbelievable difference. Everything just jelled. Perfect. The soundstage and speakers dissapearing had my mouth hanging open in amazement.
Three weeks later & I had to move it back downstairs. Still sounds fantastic. Enough to always bring a big grin to my face.
But now I know a lot more about room placement.
Note to self; Always try other options. Quite often it pays off.
I hope you enjoyed the story.
Happy Listening,
Your room is always the most important and final equation in a system's sound. You can as much as possible and be brought to tears if the room is not chosen well and finally treated properly. I had tried to implement a smaller Krell system in my living-dining room and found the high ceiling there caused such unsatisfactory sound that I moved it to another room in the house and settled on a table top system for background music.