I am thinking of buying a new preamp levinson 320s

Can anyone give me a hands on opinion on this new levinson preamp.I am tempted to wait for the 326s.My system
Levinson 29 dual mono bi amped one to each revel f50a speaker Player the Esoteric UX-1
Any advise welcome
Many thanks
The 320 is an exceptionally clear and transparent preamp. It is a definite improvement over the 380s and does not exhibit the darkness of the older models. Wide and deep soundstage with non glaring treble. The system consisted of the Levinson 390s, vtl monos, and revel m22.
Any one know how the 320s compares to the #32? Especailly in the darkness area? What is the 326s, I've not heard of this?
The 380S is also an exceptionally clear and transparent preamp. I wouldn't say the 320 is any kind of major improvement over the 380S, just different. Go to the Mark Levinson web site and take a look at the huge power supply in the 380S and then look at the one in the 320S and 326. If Mark Levinson makes these preamps any smaller their going to start to look like a high class desk top stereo. Buy yourself a used 380S and save a bundle.