Hum in your system

If you have a system that is in some way attatched to your tv, whether through coponent video or s-cable or whatever, and your tv has cable; try unpluging the coaxial cable from the wall outlet; turn on your amp or receiver, and the hum will be gone. if this works, call HomeTech Solutions at 408-257-7152 or and get part #XA-63400 ground breaker for $7.45 plus shipping, and it will eliminate your hum. It really works, and I don't work for them. I just had a hum problem and tried everything. je
Thanks for the tip. I have just had a terrible problem using my DVD player, via component output, with a RPTV. The only way I could stop the hum was by using an optical connector between the DVD player (Pioneer Elite DV38A) and processor (Krell HTS). Essentially making sure there was no copper connection between the Krell and TV via the DVD player. I am going to try your suggestion tonight, as soon as I get home.

Your respnse implies that you are at work!

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You are correct; it was the coax connection to the cable box that was causing the hum problem. I will try the filter you suggested to see if I can cure the problem once and for all. Thanks for the tip.
Should the ground breaker work for satellite connections also? I have a Directv dish and hum issues.

Didn't Mondial designs make a little box that did the same thing? I think that cost around $99!
call hometech solutions, the call would be worth it. john e