HT hookup

I am new to this so bear with me. I am looking for wiring sugg. ( bi-wire or not ), distances for speakers and any other tips you all may have.
NAD T761
B&W DM 602 s2
DS6 dipoles
CC6 s2
ASW 500
Dennon DVD 2800
I think this is a pretty good start, any info would be greatly appericated
If you can, place all speakers at the same distance, don´t biwire, just replace the supplied shunts by a piece of the cable used, use better cable for the three front speakers...
Hall24 - A great resource for information on home theater speaker placement is found on Dolby's website. Goto and look under the "Consumer" section called "Home Theater". It's a veritable goldmine of practical information on surround sound for someone new to home theater.

Also, Matt Polk has very helpful info on how to properly hookup and place subwoofers on his website (even if you use a different brand of sub) and explains very well the pros/cons of the different hookup options as most subs can be wired more than one way into your system. Goto and click on "audio education", then "home audio", then "subwoofer".

Last but not least, Crutchfield publishes a handy little booklet called "The Cruchfield Guide to Home Theater" which is free with any purchase or can be ordered for a couple of bucks by itself. ( Please don't laugh, seasoned Audiogoners, I recently re-read my copy after being into home theater for several years and gaining lots of hands-on experience and the info in that little book is still very relevant and accurate. A great primer for someone new to home theater and surround sound.

Good luck with your system!
Hall24 - Correction to my previous post: On the Polk website (, click on "audio education", then "home audio", then scroll down to "Setting up a home theater system", then click on "bass management and subwoofer connections". A very good read...

You might look at the following web page for speaker placement information in a home theater.

I would suggest using the thickest gauged copper wire your NAD can handle for your center and rear speakers. (A bare wire connection would be fine.) I wouldn't worry if you require different lengths to your different speaker locations. If you have an interest in two channel music (or develop an interest later) consider using a higher quality wire to your L/R fronts. Kimber makes some nice stuff. The 4TC or 8TC could meet your needs. As an owner of B&W speakers I really suggest using copper rather than silver or a mix.

I wouldn't biwire a speaker for movie purposes. The differences are too subtle to be heard in a movie. I hope you have a great time with your new system. Congrats!