HT 2 ch/multi ch and 3D in confined location help

We are 2 channel audiophiles with a very nice system in the living room of our home.

In our family room we own a Samsung 60" "smart" TV capable of 3D. It sits above the non-usable fireplace on a long wall. The plan was to buy a soundbar (B&W?) but the TV needs to sit lower or I'll have to get neck replacements.

So now I'm thinking about speakers that attach to the side of the Samsung like the Artisons. That would mean that I would need a receiver with amps.

I have an Oppo BDP95 blu-ray player for 3D duty. Looks like though I'll only need maybe 2.1 channels to run.

Do I need a 3D (HDMI 1.4) compatable receiver to accomplish 3D viewing? My Oppo is 3D capable but probably not having the video processing built-in to it. I would also like to stream my terabytes woorth of movies through it via network. We value sound quality over anything else but cannot break the bank.

Help or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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It makes things easier but iHDMI 1.4 IS required in every pass of the signal for 3D to work. The Oppo does have two HDMI outputs so you could run directly to the TV for 3D viewing and to any HDMI receiver (though I'd try to stay 1.3 or better)