How would I integrate this into my system?

Was planning to get the Halo c3 or hdp70, alas my plans need to be changed. How would I integrate an Onkyo TX-SR608 with a parasound jc2 and a21 amp? I plan on using vandy quatros and I already have an NHT powered sub for movies. The Onkyo would be for movies only. I plan to get the oppo as the dvd player.
Is there another integrated receiver that y’all would recommend? Thanks and look forward to your input.

Joe in Mobile

You can build an integrated combo system using the components you mention. You would first set up the 2-channel system in the traditional manner, i.e. source->pre-amp->amp->main L&R front speakers. This will give you the best possible 2-channel music playback.

You would then integrate the HT components into the existing 2-channel system by connecting your HT sources (DVD Player, sat/cable TV, VCR, etc.) in the following manner: HT source components->receiver->center channel, surround, LFE(sub).

Finally you will need to connect the L&R main speaker pre-outs from the HT receiver to either the HT bypass/processor loop of the 2-channel pre-amp. If your pre-amp does not have an HT bypass/processor loop, you can connect the L&R pre-outs from you receiver to any unused line-level inputs on the pre-amp (aux, HT, TV, etc.)

Finally, when you need to calibrate the system for HT with the 2-channel rig also in the mix. Select bypass on the 2-channel pre-amp (if it has this feature). If the pre-amp doesn't have bypass, select the input you chose for the HT L&R inputs, set the volume control on the 2-channel pre-amp to a pre-defined setting (like top dead center, 5, etc.) and run your calibration routine.

Now, anytime you want the best 2-channel sound, simple play the 2-channel rig in the traditional manner. When you want multi-channel and HT, turn on the receiver, select bypass or the appropriate input(and set the -pre-amps volume to the pre-defined setting) and play your multi-channel sources using the HT receiver's controls for volume, etc.

It's not really difficult once you have it set up, but it may sound confusing now. BTW, HT bypass/processor loop greatly simplifies things and prevents issues with the volume of the front L&R speakers. You can live without it, but remember to always set the pre-amp to the pre-defined level or you may get a big, loud and potentially costly boom from your front L&R speakers.
I currently do the.above and works.very well. My only change is i use the tape in.
I have almost the same set up except with Pioneer Elite SC-27. However, I would like to have my sub to be active when in 2-channel mode, how do I make the connection?

Does the sub have multiple inputs? Run one off of HT side of it and another from the music pre, if it has 2 outputs go that route or you can run a y adaptor.
I spoke with someone at Parasound and he told me to use main-out from the JC-2 to sub and out to A21 the L/R.
..I guess that is good for 2-channel...only.