How will a Mac C46 work with Arcam P1 mono blocks?

I have an Arcam C31 Pre, P1 mono's & JM Diva's. I find the top end very bright but otherwise I'm very pleased. The system is in the living room, open to the dining room & kitchen. I miss tone controls. I listen to all kinds of music but mostly rock. I have researched room correction - about the same $ as the Mac but I hear much more complicated to get it right. Any & all sugestions are greatly appreciated.
I have a C42 (basically the same as the C46) and absolutely love the EQ. I am surprised at how effective it is. I can finally trust what I am hearing as being the music and not the room.

The input impedance of the P1s is a fairly low 22k but I think there won't be any issues with the C46. As a matter of fact, some Mc amps have about the same input impedance. I believe the Mc sound will compliment the Arcam's very well. Keep us posted on what happens. Good luck!

the whole no tone control preamp deal seems nuts to me,endless tweaking,cable changes,speaker placement,tube rolling,room correction,all this can be avoided with simple tone controls.

buy the c-46 & forget about everything else for a long time.
Thanks guys, my order is going in for a C46 tomorrow!