How true is the statement that I'm most likely ending up with a tube amp for my HD600s?

I just copped a used (mint) HD600 for $250 and my current stack is a Topping A50s and a Schiit Modius. I have to say, it just sounds amazing and it doesn't sound outdated at all. My only complain was that the earpads smelled funky from the previous owner so I had to wash it (carefully). I've read somewhere (headfi, reddit, etc.) that the 6X0 series scale extremely well with amps, and it got me thinking, how far could I push my HD600 to subjective perfection? Are tube amps truly worth the apparent sound improvement? Should I just be grateful and stick with my curent stack? These are just my questions for now. My listening experience so far has been the PortaPros (muddy, uncomfortable, hair gets stuck), Fostex T60RPs (SHARP, heavy on the head, somehow mod dependent), Grado SR125X (HD600-esque but I returned it because it just i gets itchy after a while and my ears feel sore after a 30 minute use), and finally my beloved Edifier S880DB (a.k.a. the perfect desktop speakers for small rooms).


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You can get new earpads you know. That's the very first thing I would do if buying used headphones.