How to test a used amp?

I have a used Sony Ta-N80es amp on it's way to me and I was wondering what if any testing I should do to it upon reciept. The seller said he tested it but I am wondering if there are any quick tests I could do to it before i really start using it. I have a multimeter.

I don't know of any tests off hand,but hook it up to speakers that are disposable ,and may have a fuse protecting them first.Even if the seller is honest,who knows what it went through in shipping.The monkey that grabs your baggage in a commercial comes to mind.Don't blow out your prized best speakers!♫
You mentioned a multimeter,checking each speaker output on AC and DC setting sure can't hurt.On a amp that has a slight hum,I get under 1 volt (it needs a new cap).A good amp was giving almost 0 millivolts with no speaker load.A tech may have better ideas.Tube amp people,make sure you have a load resister on.
Both good suggestions, thanks.

You can also short the inputs, NOT OUTPUTS, and, with speakers connected, that will tell you the ambient noise level of the amp.