How to switch between two pre amps & 1 power amp

I want to switch between my two channel system:

Levinson transport, Sonic Fronteirs D/A and Audio Research LS 15 Pre amp and my HT reciever pre amp out (yamaha 750) ... going into my Classe Cl 2200 power amp.

The thought is that I use the RCA outputs of both pre amp outs and go through a Niles AB line level switch to the Classe Power Amp.

The Niles PS 1 is a passive line leve switch. (two ipairs nputs, one pair output with two push buttons.

(I am motivated to do this because I am concerned that constantly making and removing the rca cables from pre amp to pre amp is tough on the piece mechanically will kill one of the the two peices.

Sonically... Will I hear this switch in the two channel critial listening mode.

Is this the right way to do this. ( The LS 15 does not have a theater bypass and can not be upgraded)

Any better product then the NILES Audio switch for my problem.

There's a better way (IMHO). Just run the L&R pre-outs from the receiver to any unused source inputs on the LS-15. Select this "HT" source when you want to use in HT mode. You will obviously have 2 volume controls in the loop, so you will need to determine a consistent "known reference volume level" on the LS-15 and use that position whenever you are calibrating or listening to HT sources.

Basically this is similar to the experience you would have if you had an HT bypass on the pre-amp. The only difference is the need to set the volume control to the "known reference point" (something like top dead center or a predetermined number, etc) whenever you play sources connected through your HT system. Whenever playing HT sources you would use the volume control of the HT receiver.

BTW, I've used this type of setup many times and it is not an issue at all for me. You just need to remember to set the volume control on the LS-15 to the know reference point when listening to HT sources. Otherwise, the calibrated volume of L&R speakers will be either too low or too high (ouch!).


Reubent is right on the money.
Yep, what Reubent said....and thats how I do it.

I use 2 preamps with my Classe CA400. I use 1 preamp balanced and the other single ended. And just flip the switch on the back to choose balanced or regular.
Thanks All,

My Classe amp will swtich inputs from the front panel control.

This will give me the cleanest 2 channel audio pathway.

Plus... i get to go listen to some new balanced cables.

Current plan is Synergistics, MIT and Acoustic Zen!

This is a lot more fun then an AB switch.