How to feed a 2nd hand Proceed with different main

Hi all,
I live in Italy (220V/50Hz) and I've recently bought a 2nd hand Proceed CDD from a kind guy in USA. The unit is said "internally recognizing" both main tension and frequency, and is actually configured for 120V/60Hz.

Now, as usually happens for PSU of items sold to different countries I thought of locating some tranny wire schema. I opened my CDD and found a sort of plug array where 2 brass-colored "U"-shaped jumpers were connected.

They do short 2 pairs of connections.

I guess that it might be possibile to reconfigure the jumpers to let them work with 220V.

Would anybody you be so kind to suugest me a way to find the correct jumper configuration?

Should this be too boring for you, I want to thank you a lot anyway.