How to do tube biasing for my Jadis Orch. Ref Amp?

I own a Jadis Orchestra Ref integrated amp using KT99 tubes. According to their adverts the amp can run EL34, 6550, KT88 & KT99. I've decided to try out some of these tubes, but unfortunately the owner's manual is no help in this area, neither did I get any help from Jadis. My system include the SonusFaber Concerto speakers, Wadia 6 CD & XLO cables. So, I am really looking for help and if some of you out there can teach me what to do and voltages to set for the different tubes, I would be most thankful.
their the jadis distributor in the usa
dear ,
on the jadis orchestra, there is automatic biasing , and you can put kt88 or kt90 , but becarefull, you must order a matched quad tubes.
Contact Trelja, who is an authority on these amps. he will be able to help you. I just bought his JOR and he was and is a limitless source of information and erudition on all things Jadis, including biasing. The bias procedure is a pain and involves taking the bottom and sides off the amp, but he hsa kindly made a manual with pictures. He should sell it:)..........or work for Jadis as a consultant! However, stick with it, as the Jadis sound is worth the hassle.
Hi. Off topic. I have once heard Jadis Orchestra EL34 tubes with Concertino. Absolutely fantastic sound quality but under-powered. May I ask is the JOR powerful enough for the Concerto?

AFAIK, the JO do not have auto biasing. Someone once send me a detailed instruction with photo on how to bias it. If you need them, drop me a line.