How to connect Digital PC to Hifi?

Hi Folks!

I have stored about 500 hours of my favorite recordings onto a computer hard drive drive. I'm currently using a cable to connect my computer from the headphone jack of the computer to a tape input of the hifi. This is okay but there is a noticeable loss of signal when comparing the input from the CD player. I noticed that the receiver we use has several digital audio inputs....

The question: where can I find a piece of hardware for creating a digital audio output from my computer? The other question is what software can be programmed to output to this hardware?

The kind of audio card your computer has.
I built my computer and have the Audigy card with the front bay set. I have a toslink digital in, toslink digital out, midi, headphones, mic,
I would connect the toslink from the audio card.
See if your audio card has a digital out IN ON THE CARD, A little gizmo card that screws in the back in a card bay to make that output to a toslink is cheap. I have at least one someplace. (But do't ask me to find it... I haven't a CLUE as to where the little devil is.)