How Jolida JD100 compared to CAL IconII?

I am at the verge to grab a JD100. Now I have CAL IconII.
Should I expect big improvement on the JD100 over the IconII, or would it be just subtle? Anyone compare the two directly?
Also any disappointing experience in getting the JD100 from anyone?
And frankly, how do the JD100 compared to other rival (Cary308, Arcam and so on)?

Thanks a lot,
I own a CAL IconII also and I think it is an excellent CDP. Have you tried using an after market power cord? It makes a world of difference. As does the interconnects you use. Before I would even consider selling the Icon I would explore these two options. Bill
A friend and I did an extensive comparison with a modified Jolida JD-100 & CAL Icon MK II (Power Boss) about 2 months ago. The Jolida JD-100 was better in most areas except decoding HDCD. Both are great players with very different presentations.

could you please elaborate a bit more about "very different presentations?" How do they both compared?

I did use the after market power cord and Zu interconnent. Frankly the Icon II sounds fine to me. Just wonder if I will get better sonic with (better??) JD100.

Only concerned for me is that if the improvement is subtle, it would be a shame to spend extra $$ for it.