How is the audio performance on the Ayre D-1Xe?

I've noodled Esoteric (X-03) and Ayre (CX 5 or 7) for 2-channel audio. I've just begun to notice a number of reasonably priced Ayre D1-Xe DVD players. Does anyone have experience with the audio performance on the D1-X or Xe? Any thoughts on comparision to CX5 or CX 7, or the Esoteric X-03. Thanks
Any experience users of the D-1X?
I own the CX-7, upgraded to "e" series, then to "MP" series. Never directly compared them, but I have heard a few iterations of all three Ayre players. The D-1 is a top-notch CD player - and also plays DVDs, of course. I would guess the C-5 is probably just a bit better and the CX-7 just a bit less. See Shane Buettner's review for his thoughts comparing the C-5 and D-1. With the MP filter, I would hazard to guess that the CX-7 is a "better" (i.e., more musical) player than the D-1, which was discontinued before the MP filter became available. I think you can be happy with any of the Ayre players (never heard an Esoteric), but a C-5 MP is probably the best sonically. If you go for the D-1, make sure to get the "e" series (you can send an older unit to the factory for the upgrade).
Rufipennis - thanks for the insights. Can you tell me where I could find the review by Shane Buettner?

Thanks - Therron
The Ayre website has the text: