How hard should I be scrubbing my......

RECORDS! What did you think I was going to ask???

Seriously - I'm using the Disc Doctor brushes and I'm just wondering how much pressure I should be applying to them when scrubbing. There seems to be a point where the nap on the brushes stops changing directions when enough pressure is applied.

You can feel this direction change through the brush when you're using it. I'm just wondering if I should be gently gliding the brush over the surface of the vinyl and letting the action of the fluid do the work or if I should be really scrubbing away on it with firm pressure applied.

Should I apply just enough pressure to allow the nap to switch directions when the direction of the scrubbing motion changes or should I apply ample pressure to keep this direction change from happening - that's the question.

Let me know your thoughts - you guys have been so helpful in the past!
Be gentle. Let the brush and the liquid do the work for you. If you have a lot of dirty records from new purchases etc, buy a record cleaner. Its well worth it.
I agree with Newbee. I have the DD brushes and I like to feel that nap working so I use a light touch.
Disc Doctor II is only $200, and it is very effective -- when the funds become available.

Hey guys! Thanks for all the input. I've switched back and forth over the last year of using the DD brushes with if I should apply a lot of pressure or not.

I should have spelled out my cleaning ritual a little better I suppose. I've got a Nitty Gritty Record Master that I use as well and I've been using the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions with great results.

I had a conversation with Paul Frumkin, the guy who developed the AI solutions, last night and we were talking about how it's impossible for any material these brushes are made out of to get deep into the micro-grooves and it got me thinking about how I clean.

Thanks again for the input - it just reassures me that I shouldn't be bearing down too hard.

I'd like to hear from anyone else on their opinion though - keep the thread going if you've got any further input!