How good is the Cary 308?

I'm looking at a Cary 308 for purchase. Also possible McIntosh 205 or Sony scd xa777es. Rest of system is mcCormack dna1 revA,Audio Research ls16, Vandersteen 3a sigs. Appreciate the responses.

If you buy a Cary CDP make sure in writing that with ANY problems they will pay shipping to and from Cary to fix.Anything new for that matter,Shipping costs add up,especially after several times.Apparently many Transport problems with some units.Many posts on Cary issues on Audio Asylum now.Do a search.Sony has their woes also so....I don't own either but when shopping myself for An SACD/CD player I read every post possible to help make my decision.Happy hunting,JD
I love mine, it blew the Rega Planet 2000 that I had out the water! I also have the Cary SLI 80 tupe amp, great products!
Rdale: I have enjoyed mine. It provides for a balanced presentation of all ranges. I won't say that it's bright, but it's not warm either. Overall I'm satisfied, and I've had no reliability issues over the last 5 months.
I have compared the Cary 308 and the Rega Planet 2000 also.No contest! The Cary is just more musical all the way around.I did a comparison on audioreview and recieved hate mail from Rega Planet 2000 owners.Oh Well!!!!