How Good is ML 336?

I am planing to upgrade my ML333 to ML336, would appriciate if you guys can gives some comments. I am using ML380s Pre and Electrocompanient CD player. Thanks!
I´ve one, and i like it very much.There are lots of opinions, for me it´s a great amplifier (and i tried tons of amps) that pushes everything out, from now on, all depends on the pre-amp and speakers (380s is just perfect, i tried too).
Upgrade from the ML336 to a better one it´s a bit more difficult...
I went from the 332 to the 336. The 332, while a good amp in its own right, is left far behind the 336.
336 is a great neutral amp, it won't give you tube like sound but offers very good imaging and detail. I demoed the 334/5 and the 336, due to its higher wattage was better in everyway, including slamm and punch.

The quality is first rate and holds its value well in the market.

I loved it when I had it.

I bought a used ml 336 for around 5,000 used in perfect condition. I have been vary pleased with it powerfull full sound stage and separation. This amp drives my martin logan prodigys with ease. I am looking to upgrade my arc ls1 but wonder which way to go a tube amp or solid state, any opinions?