How does the Theta Compli compare to the David II

How do the video pictures compare and how does the audio compare.Are the six chanal inputs and outputs RCA?How does the Farouja Video technology work with the Theta Tecnology? I have all Aerial Speakers.Casblanca II,soon to be upgraded to a III,a Theta Compli,Krell 1500 Amp and 150a Amp,Pioneer Elite RPTV HD 630,Synergistic Reaseach Active Shielded Cables,two Monster HTPS 7000's and a AVS 2000 both Signature,BMI PC'S,Synergistic Research PC's,Shuyata King Cobra PC,Magnan PC,Nordost Video Cables,and a Fan-Fare Tunner.
I used to own the DaViD and was thinking about the Compli. I have also wondered how the Compli compares to the DaViD and DaViD II as a transport and a video device. Has the Compli replaced the DaViD II in Theta's lineup or do they still make the DaViD II?
I just got my new Theta Compli.The CD's sound about the same as the Theta David II.The Tracks on the DVD's sound better;clearer with a little more detail and alot more bass punch.The optional 480P Sync II Faroudja Technology based board was a big improvement over the David's picture;I didn't have the progressive-scan option on my David II,but I always thought that the picture was excellent,even though I new that it could be better with progrssive-scan.I have a Pionner Elite HD RPTV 630;they have CRT lenses.The two channel SACD sounded really good,better than Redbook CD's,but not as good as Multi-Channel SACD using a Krell Standard Pre/Pro,which I sold for my present Theta Casblanca II.I will be getting a Theta Six-Shooter as soon as they are available and I will be able to make another Multi-Channel SACD comparison;Theta does not have a six channel analog pass-thru at the present time.I like this Compli and would reccommened it.Thanks Ambrose.