How do you clean your speaker grills?

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and would like to clean the silk speaker grills, specifically with the dust/lint specs stuck at the grills. They are not dirty or anything, just annoying to know that dust is accumulating and can't seem to get rid of it simply by dusting.

Anyone has a good way of cleaning them without damaging the material? (i.e. vacuum, water shower, etc.)
If the frame of the grill is wood, i dunno what would be a good way to prevent warping, however, if it is a plastic frame then just take it outside and hose it off.

Back when i used to work in a phone Central Office we used to have to clean out the filters that were at the base of the equipment bays. We just took em outisde and hosed em down, then shook out any excess water and let em dry for a few hours.

I dont see why you couldnt do the same with the speaker grills you have.

If you are real worried about possible damage, go get one of those keyboard cleaner cans that just fire out a bunch of air. grab a vaccume and put on the upholstery attachment, then use the vaccume on one side while at the same time blasting it with one of those keyboard cleaner cans.

that oughtta get all the dust out.

Call some dry-cleaners. Im sure you might find a place willing to do it with thier methods.
Shoot, I just use a vaccume on a low setting. Sometimes I take them off the speakers first, sometimes I don't even bother.
What about one of those tape roller lint brushes that you use for clothes? Or compressed air and spray it off (not with the grills on the speakers of course).

I've used a damp, clean sponge, works great!
Lint brush/sticky roller.

Dang cat hair....

locate an air compressor and blow from the inside out. might need to regulate the pressure to 60-80 psi. the dust leaves without any rubbing or washing it deeper into the fabric/fiber. kurt
Take 'em off and throw 'em in the closet. They get in music's way most of the time.
Using a vacuum cleaner while being careful not to snag anything (grills off speaker). Also, sometimes using one of those pressurized air-in-a-can (again, grills off).
The absolute best way is to us a length of clear 3" shipping tape. Start at top and gently place against grill and then slowly remove, continue down and use more tape as needed.

Grills will look like new and when you look at the used pieces of tape, you will be amazed at what it removes.
I wonder why they use silk? I think that silk has a tendency to pick up and hold a static electric charge, and that would attract dist. Good old loose-weave burlap is cheap and withstands any cleaning method.
I have my cat do it.
Use a fine-stranded paint brush