How different is Vandersteen 2WQ from 2W???

Just wondering if those in the know can tell me how different the two models are.I know that overall all of then=m get great reviewes especially given the asking price.Thinking this or small REL as music is more important with speed,pitch accuracy instaead of HT's need to more "boom in the room">
The 2Wq has adjustable "Q" (damping), which the 2W does not. This adjustable "Q" makes it possible to change to slope of the roll-off, from relatively undamped with a frequency peak in the 25-30 Hz range (suited more to HT use), to heavily damped and a more extended, deeper frequency response.

Also, the 2Wq has (according to Richard Vandersteen) a better internal amplifier than the 2W. The 2W, however, still performs very well when used for music reproduction.