How did U get into this expensive hobby?

So I was up last night listening to my system and thought to myself, when am I going to be 100% satisfy with my set up. Just for once I like to listen without thinking well maybe if I can add this or remove that I can improve on this or that area. A mist all that I thought how did I ever got into this hobby any way? Well, the nightmare began for me when I was working in my college university's periodical section. We had over 3000+ magazines on file. The first stereo magz I ever picked up was the AUDIO annual price list which was about 300 or so pages of all major audio mfg. and models..also known as the audio bible; what ever happened to Audio magazine anyway? I remembered being so intrigued by so many brands that I have never heard of before and how the workmanship and industrial design seemed so much far superior than the average Kenwood and Pioneer back then (no offense to Kenwood and Pioneer owners). This was 10 years ago and I started by scraping every pennies I had to purchase my first NAD integrated amp. Although 10 years have passed, I am still scraping for money to own something new every now and then, but this time instead of pennies, it's dimes a nickels since my tasted have upgrade with my salery. It'd be interesting to hear how some of you fellow audigoners got started in this hobby. Upon adding to this thread, you'll find that you'll get a little grin on your face after spilling your guts out on how you began on this deep pocket journey and how far you have come. Happy Holidays guys and gals.
When I was 15 (1966) I had my 1st job and bought my 1st record player, so I wouldn't have to use my dad's anymore. I bought a mono Admiral with a flip up top. Ooooh, that sounded great. Probably when I was 16 or 17, I bought an Olson stereo amp kit. My friend helped me wire the power supply, speaker, and input jacks. My Dad helped me make a cabinet. I got a BSR turntable, and some 12" coax speakers that I put in some cheap PA cabinets. And it's been upgrade since. Next was an ElectroVoice integrated in 1969, which my Dad inherited from me. I've kept upgrading to Radio Shack speakers and receiver, and a Garrard turntable, and Philips cassette deck. In 1978 I bought a Sansui AU517 integrated amp and matching tuner, and a Phlips GA212 turntable. This actually served me well for about 18 years, then I started reading stereophile. Went through Adcom stuff and several CD players. Now I got 2 systems, one with an Athem Int2 and Klipsch klf20's. And the 2nd system in my music room with Anthem pre and power amps and Klipsch RB-5's. I love the hobby (although sometimes it seems like an essential of life, and currently I am very satisfied with both systems. And although some might condsider my systems as not as high end as others, I still read and dream about some more expensive stuff, while I enjoy the music. And that's what it's all about.
Well that would be in Germany in 77. My wife and I were walking through Fleigerhorst Kasserne (Army base) and we heard this really loud music coming from one of the windows of the barracks. This guy had put his JBL L100's (playing Led Zepplin II) in the window of his room in his barracks pointing outward so everyone at his company party could enjoy some tunes. That was all it took, we ended up with a pair of new Bose 901's, Sansui receiver, and a Kenwood turntable. Ein bier bitte.
About 4 years ago a friend of mine was looking into buying some headphones.He went to a book store to get some information on what was a good headphone to buy.He looked through all the audio mags and ended up buying a Stereophile.It just happened to be an Oct.issue with the recommended components.He brought the Stereophile to my house and forgot it here.I was hooked right away!
I got an offer for a free issue of Stereophile back in Fall 1994, and nothing has been the same since. I always have been passionate about audio, and finally discovered "the show" (as in "major league"). I'm glad.