How can I connect a 5th gen IPad to the digital inputs on Hegel H80 integrated amplifier?

I have been trying to connect my 5th generation IPad (purchased in Dec 2017) to my integrated amplifier (Hegel H80) via either the optical input, or the USB-B port and am having problems.  If I connect it using a mini jack to RCA cable, it uses the IPads DAC instead of the DAC in the amplifier so I’m looking for a solution that uses the lightning port connected to either the Optical in, digital coaxial in or USB in on the amplifier.  I would prefer to use either the optical or the coaxial as these inputs support high res audio (24/192) but if it’s not possible, I will settle for using the USB port (24/96).


From what I have read online, people seem to be using the Camera Connection Kit (lightning to USB adapter) and then using a USB cable from the adapter to the DAC.  When I try this, I get the message...


“Cannot use device.  Digihug USB audio: the connected device requires too much power”


When I googled that message, I found a supposed solution that says that if I connect the lightning to USB adapter to a USB hub it should work but when I tried that (using a Belkin USB hub), it doesn’t work.  Would a powered USB hub solve this problem or are there other ways of extracting a digital signal?


Hopefully there is someone here who can help.  Thanks in advance.

Contacted Hegel and it turns out that the H80 doesn’t support the connection that I’m attempting to use.
Stream it over easily using an AirPlay streamer like Apple TV. Or, use an iPad dock like Arcam then a coax out cable to back of Hegel
I have a Cambridge Audio iD100 dock which enables an iPad to connect to the digital coax on my DAC. I don't know what experience others have with docks for fruity products but I'm not impressed - playing CDs ripped to AIFF (dbPoweramp CD ripper) using Apple->iD100-> DAC sounds harsher than playing the same tracks directly from my transport to the same DAC with the same connects (Chord Clearline) but I'm not sure why. Every now and then I have to recycle the dock to get it talking again. I was thinking of abandoning Apple and using an Astell & Kern with digital out.