I just got a new Dave Brubeck & Paul Desomd CD- I am a big fan of his music but any way.... I found this interesting looking CD I have never seen before it is a Verve release under the horizon3 collection which seems to be simply amazing! I am talking similar to XRCD2 sound- possibly better(different recordings so I suppose it would be preference to the music). It comes in an LP'esque book, and the CD itself resides in the back panel in a similar material the XRCD's disc's are stored- a seperate little pouch. The disc also seems to be thicker/less flexible then standard disc's again like XRCD's. I was listening and if I had a turntable with a record on it spinning, I don't think many would have believed me that it wasn't the source! I am talking that good! I don't normally go crazy over special pressings and over priced CD's but this was amazing and it was very reasonibly priced. The name of the CD I purchased was 1975: The Duets, it really sounds like a record! They claim they are limited production disc's all of which are being discontinued by May 2005, and they have a large roster of GREAT jazz artists- not huge but enough to make me want to get some other releases to see how good they really are. Any other comments on these discs?
So, where DID you get it? I might want some. Then I could comment on them.
I stumbled upon this one at Borders, I will keep my eye out to where else they can be found.