Home Theater Processor Wish List

Does anyone know of a home theater processor that:

-Allows the user to use Dolby Pro Logic II and other surround modes with the option of keeping the signal going to the front R and L speakers unmodified.
-Allows the setting of custom subwoofer levels for each input.
-Allows for an analog direct mode that also sends the signal to the subwoofer.

The only way I can think of to achieve #1 is to use a quality two-channel preamp for the R and L channels, and use its tape out to send the signal to a home theater receiver.

The only way I can think of to achieve #3 is to use a splitter to send the processor's subwoofer output as well as the processor's tape out to the subwoofer.

Al Hidell
I think, perhaps Meridian might work for you as it runs more on a computer chip that is programmable.

A word to the wise. I looked in your direction as i wanted surround while not losing my 2-channel Audio Aero DAC.

Many recent threads agree that 2-channel is more than good enough and what you are trying to do will become very frustrating.
I know exactly what you are trying to do and thats a tough one. Unless someone here miraculously comes to the rescue, one way to find out, is I believe most of the High end Contenders have their manuals online.
The answer to NUMBER 2 is California Audio Labs SSP-2500.
As I recall, you can not only select the different sizes/crossovers based on your input (DVD1, DVD2, etc) you can select volume levels as well.

I had a straight analog pass through without sub for #1. Straight analog pass through crossed over low enough for the sub to come into play on another, #2. I had the same split for Digital, allowing A/B and A/B for analog/digital and with/without sub!

One of the best features I wish every other manufacturer would include or make optional!

Oh yeah, the SSP-2500 for 2 channel is TOP notch coming from a surround sound processor, but then again, you know this because everyone is familiar with the CL-2500 DVD/CD.
You aren't? You should be.

Too bad Cal is OOB though.

Thanks for your responses. Years ago, I had a pair of rear speakers that I wired out of phase (positives to amp, negatives to each other), and I liked the resulting ambience. Of course I couldn't control the volume or delay. I'm going to try sending my tape out to a home theater receiver, with only the rear speakers connected to the receiver. Regarding custom subwoofer levels for each input, for now I'll be using the get-out-of-your-chair-and-adjust-the-subwoofer-volume-control method.