Home made cables

I can't believe the prices of the cables...Has anyone made
their own cables...I'm pretty handy and would greatly appreciate...any information...on how to do this...without
having to remortgage my house.
The place you WANT to be: <> cable forum... run some searches on various words and you WILL find everything you EVER wanted to know about home-made cables
For interconnects, Mogami Neglex 2534 microphone cable and Canare gold RCA plugs. I have these cab;es throughout my system, and have yet to find anything that beats them, regardless of the price. The Mogami can be bought from Mars Music if you don't mind your cables being purple. It's about a dollar a foot. If color matters, buy it elsewhere. It comes in a dozen or so colors. As always, allow a few days for the cable to break in, and prepare to be astounded.
I have made my own cables also. I used Cat 5 Chris VenHaus design for the speaker cables, 27 pair for the lows and 9 for the highs. I also made myslef a pair of long interconects to go between my pre and amps. You might want to check out these sites: