HK AVR 7000 vs HK AVR630 vs HK AVR7200

Which one should I go for? I can get them within my budget (new/used) but am confused of the pros/cons of them. I am starting from scratch so 5.1 or 7.1 are both viable. My interest is sound quality with both 2 speaker mode and for HT use. Thanks.
I can't compare the 630 to the 7200 - but the difference between the 525 and the 7200 I just bought was huge. Same features, but the amps are much better in the 7200. Much more full bottom end, much quicker.

Hmm, I seem to feel the same. I have though not been able to find any info on the 7000, yet there are quite a bit of them being sold on the net. Are they older versions or inferior in some way?
I don't know... For the price on the 7200, I can't imagine finding a better deal. The ONLY thing it doesn't have that some want is DPLIIx - BUT, the logic7 is so good, that I can't imagine wanting more. It's good enough that I won't buy another receiver without logic7 or dplIIx.