hi rez suggestions

hello all,

currently using a musical fidelity tri vista sacd. overall a very good player but looking for a little more musicality and imaging. looking for a sacd/cd or unversal player 2-4k. what do you guys think of the esoteric dv-50, mccormack udp-1, sony scd-1 or xa777es or modifying a dvp-9000es or phillips 963 sa or any other suggestions.

aloha keith
Maybe you need to look at your system setup - cables, speaker pacement etc because the trivista has imaging in spades. I heard this player in a friends system and have been lusting after one ever since.

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Given the caliber of the the Trivist I too would be surprised if changing players was the answer. I would look to set-up, cables and go from there.
My Tri-Vista, to my ears, has a very good soundstage and I would have to agree with the about statement by Prpixel. I also think that you would have to pay a lot more to get better Performance