Hey RICH Audiophiles

 Why don't one of you incredibly wealthy audiophiles whose systems I drool over every day start an Audiophile Rental business?
 Imagine how easy to simply rent a set of speakers or amp for a nominal fee so us POOR enthusiasts could demo it in our own home/system without restocking fees or massive depreciation when reselling..No more sitting in traffic,wasting gas & polluting the environment running from dealer to dealer only to be greeting by horrible listening conditions that give you ABSOLUTELY no idea how a piece of gear will actually sound in your own listening room...

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Great idea!  I’ll send you my Tannoy Kingdom Royal speakers which weigh 250 lbs each!  And my 4 VAC amps and my VAC preamp and my Clearaudio turntable, and my atomic clock and my cement stands.  Should I also send yo my vinyl and CD collection?!

What’s your address?!