Help with SS amplifier?

What solid state amplifier would you match with a Cary SLP-74 tube preamp? I have Legacy Protege speakers. Any ideas? I listen mostly to jazz, blues, and some classical. Thanks
Try a set of NU Force REf 9s. You won't be disappointed
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Innersound ESL, many many great user comments over at AA in the planar asylum besides outstanding reviews from the press. I'm amazed that an SS amp can sound this good. So was Harry Pearson. You'd love it. Rarely up for sale is the only downside.
Not being a SS fan I would give the nod to the Pass Labs Aleph 3 or Aleph 5. If these were not available - the McCormack DNA 125 would get the call. These are the only two SS brands that I have heard that really come close to tube sound; but, tube is my preference.