Help with speaker upgrade

I am looking to upgrade from Snell C/IV's. Contenders are Dynaudio 3.3 or 3.0, Silverline Sonata II's or Lafolias. Currently using a 200 w/ch SS Aragon amp. Listen to a fair bit of rock in addition to classical & vocals, so want tight, deep bass to go along with the detail and soundstage of a high-end speaker. Any input much appreciated.
Consider Dyna 3.3 your main contender and the most valuable upgrade in the range you're seeking.
Consider Legacy Audio Focus 20/20. To me, more musically natural sounding with a better low end than Dyns .
The smaller Silverlines sound better than their bigger speakers.Better coherancy with fewer crossovers.I don't believe the Sonatas will play very loud.Just a thought.Good luck!
Thanks for the input. I ended up purchasing a used pair of Dynaudio 3.3's this weekend. They sound fantastic, tight quick bass, outstanding vocals, and detailed, non-fatiguing highs. My better half said 10/10 for WAF to boot!