Help with speaker placement

I recently built some speakers[kit]scan speak 1845 woofers and revelator tweeters 8w+16h+9d and i need a starting point for placement and stand height. The room is 18 long and 13 wide. Behind the speakers is a wall of oak cabinets and fireplace.Along the left wall are two doors and a hallway.Along the right wall are windows that have vinyl mini blinds. The back wall is about 10 ft to hallway.The Floor is berber over cement,and the ceiling is 8 ft.There is a fabric covered loveseat and couch in this room also for home theater,but that takes the second priority to two channel. Any suggestions on a starting point for the front two speakers,especialy from people who own monitors with scan speak drivers[revelator in particular]would be helpful.Also i have adjustible stands and need suggestions on stand height with the tweeters being about 13inches up from the bottom of the monitors. Also what cd is good as a reference for sounstage ect[rock or blues only please]thanks.
Check speaker placement for Watt/puppy above, and check Luke and Locomotives on AQ label. Best Blues album in 90's.
the tweeters should determine your stand height. Place them to be at your ear height when you are in your favorite listening position. The rest is more complicated. Essentially you want to reduce reflections from the room surfaces, and to have those that remain to have different single paths from each other to avoid the additive effects that occur when two or more reflections are the same signal length. You have to spend time experimenting in your room and negotiating with your spouse to finalize your speaker placement.
typo , meant signal
For dimensional method, see & then Wilson Audio/Audio Physic room set-up method to fine tune by ear.
Stereophile Guide to Home Theater did an article sometime last year on speaker placement, standing waves, room dimensions, and placement. It gave you all the tools to get to a very good starting point. Unfortunately it's pretty difficult to use. There are a few companies that have used the same properties found in that article and made computer programs that do the same thing. One of these is KB Acoustics, but there are others. ( You've probably already heard about the rule of thirds. It doesn't always work so well. In fact, it's more like a starting point. Also, I agree with having the tweeters at listening ear height. First order reflections are also a big issue and will effect speaker placement quite a lot. If you can (WAF) put absorbing panels at the point of first order flections on the side walls you can generally spread your speakers further apart and get a better soundstage. Lastly is the listening position which can be almost as important as speaker placement. If you are located in a "null" point or a "peak" point for any added frequencies (harmonics) things can sound pretty bad. You want to be in a point of fairly flat response--the software I mentioned takes this into account as well. Hope this helps.