Help with emailing someone

Sorry for the post in here but... I am trying to email someone regarding purchasing a sub on this site, but i cannot for the life of me get the email function to work. In addition I havent had a response from the "contact us" feature either, and I sent that directly from my email account.

Anyone have any idea why it wouldnt be working (ive tried firefox and IE, and I assured the setting for cookies was properly activated)

Maybe someone can contact me and email the person i am trying to contact so i can try to buy this darn thing! lol



Did you try a test emailing yourself through the Agon system? I would start there first.
I selected the "send an email to yourself" function with the emails that I tried to send to this person in addition to one other, I didnt get a copy of the email, so I took that as another pretty good indication that it wasnt working :(

Someone has volunteered to help me out though and that is MUCH appreciated.