Help.....which Speaker s

Which speakers would you recommend for someone who uses their speakers for 50% audio and 50% video? Any why? These would be just the fronts and might go with the B&W 685 for the rears. Here is what I've narrowed it down to so far: 1) LSA 2; 2) Reference 3a Veena; 3) PMC G or FB; 4) Proac; 5) Spendor A6; 6) Revel F12; 7) Magnepan 1.6; 8) Quad 22L2; 9) PSB Imagine T; 10) Paradigm Studio 60 v.5.

Background I have B&W's 601S2's now. I'm looking to spend about 1K for the fronts and would have to go used. Any thoughts would be helpful.
What will you be driving the speakers with and how big is your room? Amp-speaker and speaker-room matching are the keys to getting the right sound out of your speakers.
Currently I have a Denon 3808, but that's another thing I would like to replace. The room is approximately 20x20 but it has two open doorways, one to the kitchen the other to the foyer............thanks