Help upgrading NHT SB3s

I am currently using NHT SB3s with an NHT SW10 self powered sub, Classe CAP-151, ZU cables and interconnects. It's a good sound but I would like more imaging and a more distinct soundstage, although any shortcomings of this system may be in part due to the room. Anyway, I have the upgrade bug and would like to buy a better pair of monitors but I am very worried about buying new speakers and not having made an improvement. I am in an area of Florida where I would have to travel hours to audition speakers so I will have to chance a decision without actually hearing speakers. I have compiled a list and would like advice, possibly a ranking of the speakers on the list. Which of them would need a sub?
Dynaudio Audience 50
Dynaudio Audience 52
Dynaudio Contour 1.1
Revel M20
Monitor Audio GR10
Green Mountain Audio Europa
B&W 705
Coincident Speaker Tech Triumphs
Thanks for your help
David Greenberg
Fort Myers, Florida
The SB3's are good speakers. If you want a big soundstage try the Von Schweikert VR-1's ($1,000). They are hard to beat for the money. Of your list the B&W's are all I have listened to for any time. They are good with a big amplifier.

Your sub is another consideration. The SW10 is not a very articulate sub. It is great for movies because it is high output but for music it falls a little short. Martin Logan has two good subs that won't break the bank; the Dynamo ($600) and the Grotto ($1,000).

Good luck.
I owned the SB-3s, Audience 50s and VR1s mentioned by Bignerd100. The Dynaudios were the only pair of the three the didn't seem to need a sub. I would add Acoustic Energy AE-300s (discontinued but cheap used) or the new Aelite 2s to your list. The AE-300s are my favorite under $1000 monitors, and they don't need a sub unless you are a real bass junky or your room is large.